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Enough!  I have to keep telling myself it’s enough.  In May I was fortunate enough to start a great new job.  It meant shutting down my own business.  It meant not posting to my blog twice a week or even once a week as I had hoped and planned to continue doing.

Time was an issue but the larger issue was figuring out what I wanted to write about.  I mean, now that I wasn’t blogging to attract clients, I could write about anything…and there I got lost in thought for awhile.  I even created a new blog that I called “Raised by Bookworms or, How I Learned to Relax and Love Our Mild-mannered Lifestyle.”

The title came to me on a typical trip to the library on a Saturday afternoon with my husband and my son.  All three of us were perfectly content poking through the shelves, making our selections, and then retreating to a nearby cafe to read and drink coffee (well, water for the 7-year-old who doesn’t yet like coffee).  Earlier that very same week I had been practically apologizing to my son’s teacher during a parent-teacher conference for not exposing my son to more socializing through playdates with his school mates on the weekends.  She must have asked what we liked to do on the weekends and on the spot, I could only think of the things that we didn’t do enough.

But at the library, I could see that what we were doing suited us perfectly.  And the punchline to my funny sense of inadequacy was “What’s the worst thing people can say about my son’s childhood? That he was raised by bookworms?”  It amused me enough to consider blogging about parenting under that title.

But parenting isn’t the only thing I wanted to blog about.  I love blogging about creative time management and making time for a creative practice.  Umm…that’s why I started the business I did.  And although I’ve put the business aside, the passion is still there.  I’m just going to have to follow my own advice and make the time for blogging as my creative outlet, no matter how busy I think I am with the working and parenting and…all the other stuff.

Oh yeah, and I am going to have to keep learning how to relax because I forget every now and then.  I really do love our mild-mannered lifestyle among the library shelves, lattes at the cafe, and artwork at the museum.  It’s more than enough!

You’ll find me posting here in this blog occasionally in between the other stuff.  It’s enough.


Who has time to do add something new to the to-do list?  Artist, teacher, and entrepreneur Nancy Willis was understandably reluctant to start blogging or take on any social media beyond Facebook.  Her weeks are already full with her class schedule at Napa Valley Community College, workshops at Nimbus Arts, an active studio practice, and catering gigs to keep it all going.  Like many entrepreneurs, she is too busy doing the work and needs some help running the business, in this case, with marketing.  Of course, being her friend and an online office manager, I recommended hiring a Virtual Assistant!  Short of that option, I have been keeping an eye out for some DIY solutions that would not add anything to her workload but make what she’s already doing work a little harder for her.

My first thought was a blog as Nancy keeps her friends updated with tales of her studio progress, art residencies, and workshops by email already.  For example, just last month, she threw a dinner party for her friends which was professionally photographed for a future project.  Followers of Nancy’s work are familiar with this “dinner party” theme in her paintings and she continues to explore this idea in video paintings.  The photos were gorgeous and her telling of the evening enjoyable and had all the makings of a blog post.  But Nancy doesn’t have a blog.  She does have a website, a static page with some images of her paintings, but no time or know-how to keep it up to date with her offerings.  Most of us can relate that technology is tough to chase.  Nancy was not interested in taking on the task of blogging.

The next email from Nancy related her trip to Sundance as the featured artist and the bidding war that occurred over her painting.  Fascinating and fun stuff!  With her annual open studio sale coming up, this content needed to be out there on the web to stir up interest in her work beyond her already large circle of friends and admirers.  Her next email announcing her open studio and 2 simultaneous showings of her work at Napa wineries Mondavi and Hall came into my inbox and sat there.  Had it been a blog entry, it could have taken up residence on the web for browsers to find.  I wanted to tweet about it and announce to my Facebook friends that Nancy’s art was on display and would make a great weekend trip.  But none of this information was on her website so there was no place to send twitterers or my Facebook friends for more information or the details.  Does this sound familiar to any of my artist friends out there?

Meanwhile, I just learned about Posterous during a social media workshop here in the city.  Looks like all Nancy, or any artist or busy entrepreneur, needs to do is email photos and text which the site posts for an instant blog effect.  You can check it out for yourself at (for the casual blogger).  This may be a great solution for someone like Nancy who has great things to say and the photos to back it up but no place to put it all on the Internet.  Our plan is to test-drive posterous this week with some photos from her first weekend of her open studio show.