Sometimes everything you are doing just sort of converges and works together. Even though you are busy, things are happening and moving along. This photograph captures one such moment in my life. During the summer of 2008 I had just started my own business and was busy volunteering on an art project for my son’s preschool graduation and organizing a playdate for the families entering his new kindergarten. On top of it all, I was invited to participate in an exhibition of my paintings so here I am, with my son, at 1078 Gallery in Chico. That summer moment was full of such beautiful potential and possibility.

As one of my first painting instructors used to say, sometimes you get one for free. By which he meant that sometimes a painting just flows and happens and appears easy. Those paintings and moments are the blessings! All the rest of the time, painting or any creative venture, whether it’s writing, starting a business, taking photographs, teaching, or parenting is hard work and just as frustrating as any job.

Still I hang on to that moment and remember how right it felt through all the trials that followed as my son transitioned into a new school and I developed a new business, Beam Online Business Services during a tough economy. A strong vision and a solid business planning process and lots of help from the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and my friends and family keeps it all going, especially through all the moments when all the demands seem to be working against the others, not flowing or converging.

The vision is pretty simple. Since how we live each day is really how we live our lives, my goal each day is to be creative, relaxed, happy, and mindful in my work. Working with my clients, I manage their admin projects in a creative, calm, positive, and proactive way to free their time for the work and life that they love best.

Just how to do that on a daily basis is what I am exploring here in my blog about time management, home office organization, and making time for creative work. Sometimes I have to take my own advice!  But I offer my examples and advice for others to consider.  It just might work for you too.