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Every now and then, I am turning over the reins to my creative friends and letting them show and tell about their work-in-progress.  I’ve also asked them to address the issue of how they make time in their busy schedules for their own work.  My guest today is artist, teacher, and arts counselor, Barry Beach.

Barry, what are you thinking about in your current work?

My current artwork is more intuitive, produced quicker, focused on exploring surface and form. My general area of exploration is how the human-made and natural environments intersect, how they affect us physically and psychologically.

And how do you make time for your work (and all the other things you fit into your schedule)?

How do I make time for my work? Honestly, it’s the biggest challenge I face. And often I don’t make time for it. It was nearly 4 months since I was producing sculpture before this latest work. It tends to go all or nothing – but I don’t necessarily see that as a problem, just part of my process. During the times I’m too busy or uninspired to build, I keep sketching in my sketchbook, recording ideas and thoughts to follow later when I have the time and/or inspiration.

But the biggest thing I’ve learned is that during the times you’re not feeling like producing work, you can’t beat yourself up. You just have to keep yourself involved and active on other pursuits. I find reading things I traditionally enjoy helps me get back into my creative groove. Inspiration will return – you just have to have faith and be ready to act upon it when it does!

Thanks Barry!  Where can we see more of your work?

My website is